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How to Order the Electronic Herbarium Vol. I & II CD-ROM:

The Electronic Herbarium consists of two volumes, containing over 300 illustrations, in addition to photographs.  This software is compatible with any Windows 3.1, 95, 98 system (PC or Mac).  Other system requirements are: Internet browser (Netscape or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or greater), color monitor, CD-ROM drive (you have the option to install the program or view the information directly from the disk).

* Please note that all prices include postage.  Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards at this time.  We can only fill PREPAID orders (by check).


  • For individuals - $125.00

  • For educational institutions/libraries - $300.00


  • For individuals - $85.99

  • For educational institutions/libraries - $205.00

* Please send payment to:

Victoria Vancek

19488 - 114B Ave.

Pitt Meadows, B.C.  Canada



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Note:  If you are an educational institution purchasing this product, please send along with your payment, a brief note explaining how you intend to use the Electronic Herbarium (i.e., supplement to lectures, laboratory, Powerpoint, combined with a computer course, etc.)

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